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Question:I played Fantasy Football, a head-to-head league, and I had to adjust my team once a week. Great!
I am in a Fantasy Hockey league, rotisserie, and I have to adjust my team every single day. A real drag!

Why is this? Is this the difference between football and hockey, or the difference between rotisserie and head-to-head?


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your hockey league could be set as a rotisserie or head-to-head league. your commish decided rotisserie. hockey, basketball, baseball, etc u have to set up every day because it is played every day. since in the nfl, teams play once a week, u have to set it up once a week.

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There is only one football game a week on the same day for each team, thus you would have to adjust only once. With hockey there are numerous games for each team each week.

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It just depends on your leagues rules. Many league have weekly roster locks, but these are generally not the mainstream online leagues.

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