After albert...?

who should be picked next in fantasy baseball? santana, reyes, howard...?


Sabathia, Harden, Haren or Markakis?

santana deff he can be a huge trade bait later if you regret your decesion

Fantasy baseball help!!?

It all depends who you like more. Either one you pick will be great!

Should i do this trade?

From personal experience, I have picked the best from shallow positions; for instance, I would take Reyes or Utley since 2b and SS is usually a shallow position. Once you have those guys, you can easily fill your 1b, OF, and 3B positions since they tend to be deeper.
It really depends what your draft position is and who is available. With my "shallow" theory aside, I would probably go with Soriano after Pujols since he'll be set up in a fine line up.

Fantasy baseball trade?

Reyes or Howard depending if you prefer power or speed. As great as Santana is, taking a pitcher first means you're always trying to catch up in the hitting area. uNless your league categories are set up to favor pitching, take a bat first.

Fantasy Sports Re-Draft Procedures?

Take the top 3 pitchers then throw in a couple hitters then the 3 best relievers/closers. ect...ect.

My team's been struggling and i could use some help on how to improve my team. Any suggestions?

This is a tough question but Ryan Howard still has room to grow (scary I know). So I think he's a logical choice.

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