2 Recievers to start, im so confused?!?

Chambers has been terrible but playing Buffolo, Chris Henry seems to get me a cheap td week after week, Issac Bruce will get me receptions but always seems to be a longshot for a td, and Matt jones, well who knows?


Should I start Tatum bell, Micheal turner, Dillon, Thomas Jones, Dangelo Williams need 1?

im going to have to say chris henry and isaac bruce the bills are improving on their defense and are looking for a win.

chris henry and isaac bruce.

Tiki Barber or Mac Jones Drew?

Chris Henry and Matt Jones

If your in a fantasy league by yourself can you get a trophy?

go with chambers, we all know Buffalo stinks, no offense to anyone just stating fact. even chambers will get good points off the game

How can I switch a fantasy team from one account to another?

Chris Henry and Matt Jones

Fantasy Football - Should i start Julius Jones this week?

Chambers always has good game against Bills. Henry is risky this week since it will be Rudi all day long vs. the Colts. He may not get a lot of touches. Jones is unreliable. Playoff week you don't want to take a chance. Bruce has tough match up and Holts has been getting all the TD. But I think it is Issac's turn to score so I will go with him.

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