3 fantasy players to consider: Pat Burrell, Derrek Lee and, A-Rod. Your thoughts?

All have alot of potential but Burrell and A-Rod have seriouisly underachieved the last few seasons and Lee is coming off serious wrist injuries.


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i dont think burrell belongs in the same sentence as the other two. i like arod a bit better than d-lee since he might be in the last year of his contract and he has the incentive to put up some nice stats. dlee should put up some big numbers as well and next year he will probably be a 1st round pick, and probably higher than arod, but still arod is the sure thing right now. burrell just sucks...

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Lee definitely the best out of the 3 he will bounce back Go red sox

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I think Burrell maybe even over-achieved when he had a couple good years a few years ago. I think Derek Lee will bounce back really well from his injury last year. I think A-Rod has underachieved, but his underachieving season is still productive. I think A-Rod is the most valuable.

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A-Rod will play well. Even in an off year he's in the top five.
D Lee will have big year, all the pressure is off him as the Savior of the Cubs so he can sit back and rack up RBI's all year.

Pat The Bat, can't hit a curve ball - never could. And it usually takes pitchers until May to figure out that he didn't learn to hit it again this year.

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I think A-Rod is the best of the bust, while he may have underachieved for his contract, his stats all across the board are great. His biggest problem is choking come playoff time, luckily, the fantasy baseball season ends before playoff basketball.

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none of them...but if i had to i would say Lee cause he is in the National League and they have no pitching

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Pat Burrell has 30-plus homer power and 100-plus RBI potential, especially batting behind Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. He strikes out too much, but he makes up for it with a solid .388 on-base percentage.

Derrek Lee has already declared himself at 100 percent. He is a prime candidate for a rebound year in 2007. Look for numbers close to his 2005 season when he hit .335 with 46 HRs and 107 RBIs.

Alex Rodrguez is as motivated as ever this season because he can earn himself another huge contract this winter since has an opt-clause he might consider taking and could be a free agent. He also dropped his body fat down to 9% from 16% and says that he feels more athletic. Expect a rebound from A-Rod this year (If you consider last year's .290/35/121 dissappointing.)

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Burrell- bad BA, too many K
A-Rod - serious underachieving for A-Rod is still top-20 production
Lee - Too much of an injury risk, just one premier season.

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A-Rod will be solid this year. I think Burrell will have a down year and Lee, if healthy will rock this year.

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ARod is a top 5 pick. Lee will go in the top 3/4 rounds and Burrell is a 8th-10th round pick.

ARod is the obvious choice - he will put up great numbers across the board just like he always have.

Lee was a one year wonder, his 2005 season was out of the ordinary, not his 2006 one.

As someone else said, Burrell doesn't belong in this conversation.

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