Why indian football is too weak? what should we do to improve your team?


Fantasy Sports?

bcoz all of us are only watching cricket, every person is concern about that , if the football player is chosen he is made to play cricket like dhoni and gangully . We all know how to play football but there is no team of ours so we like to go to other country. lastly i want to say we should play football instead of cricket , cricket is waste of time.

How does my fantasy mlb team look?

stop watching cricket

If you could have...?

That is a dumb Question!

Is Ron Artest done for the year??

not sure. sorry.

Who has the biggest upside?

because every one shows importance to foot ball and hockey

Who do I start: Cedric Benson or Willie Parker?

maybe the guys are weak. football players weight aroung 180-200. they are big in muscle.

Rate my team, and tell me who to pick-up?

because of politics

Who do I start at Tight End Today, Gates or Vernon Davis?

because indian football players dosnt have balls

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