Do you think my fantasy baseball team is good enough to win a league? Please be truthful and give me some tips

Question:My team is:
Catcher:A.J. Pierzynski
1B: Justin Morneau
2B: Chase Utley
3B: Joe Crede
SS: Edgar Renteria
OF: Vernon Wells
OF: Juan Pierre
OF: Torii Hunter
UTIL: Travis Hafner
Bench: Orlando Cabrera
Bench: Josh Hamilton
Bench: Aaron Rowand
Pitcher: Brandon Webb
Pitcher: Jeremy Bonderman
Pitcher: Bobby Jenks
Pitcher: Dontrelle Willis
Pitcher: Barry Zito
Pitcher: Mike Mussina
Bench: A.J. Burnett
Bench: Chien-Ming Wang


Help My Fantasy Team!!?

Well i would prefer more info. Is it h2h? roto? how many teams? wut categories?? Just rememebr all im gonna say is gonna be said as if this league is a 5x5 12 team roto.

That said, I think your hitting is very strong. Hafner could put up 1st round numbers. Juan Pierre gives you teh steals. Hunter is a 20/20 guy buthis batting eye only gives him a .275 BA. I dont like wells because he got paid big. Try to trade him for Abreu. IF is 50/50. 1B and 2B is godly but Crede.hes not hitting above .260 this year. I will bet my life savings on it. Rentaria is underrated so hes ok. Get rid of johs hamilton rite now. hes useless even if he does start. Try to pick up Teahen is hes available. Pitching is pretty solid. I think you need another closer to compete. Webb is great and bonderman cna put up huge numbers. Jenks has a 4 ERA but 40 saves. willis and zito though are overrated. get rid of tehm. sry but you cant win this thing. come close though

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Looks like a good team to me. But only time will tell

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but I would switch Justin Morneau with Travis Hafner.

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I very seriously doubt it, but stranger things have happened (tigers making the world series... THANK GOD!) Get a better 3b and drop Aaron Rowand for a pitcher. As for ur pitchers, they are hit or miss, and with D-train through Wang, i say miss, except maybe mussina and Zito, but i wouldnt count on it. It is EXTREMELY improbable to win your league with 1 closer, and he isnt even of a Joe Nathan, Billy Wagner calibur. Srry, but unless ur an expert negotiater/trader, i dont think this year is your year, but i wish u luck all the same... GO TIGERS!

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Well, I'm not crazy about your team. Your lineup is okay, not great. However, if Hunter bounces back, and Crede continues to improve, you could be really good.

I'm not a big fan of your pitching. You need at least one more closer. Webb is solid, but you don't have a stud starter, only a lot of mediocre to good major league pitchers who will not fill a fantasy stat sheet.

I'm not going to propose any trades, because they depend on another team agreeing to them, but you need to find a top of the line starter and a closer at the least.

Watch "Baseball Tonight" every night during the early part of the season to find any pitchers who are doing great early and pick them up ASAP.

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