3rd baseman help + Bartolo Colon a Keeper?

Question:Advice on 3rd basemans besides A-rod and the stars
Should I take Bartolo Colon??


Which fantasy baseball team would u rather have?

I would not take Colon. last year 1-5 with an ERA over 5. Not worth it. As for 3rd baseman Chipper Jones is good, but if you want a 3rd baseman late rounds I would take Kevin Youkilis as he would give you plenty of runs, or take minor league MVP Alex Gordon as I see him as rookie of the year or Akinori Iwamura who I see has potential.

Good team could be better? bush and santana?

No too much of a risk

Should i drop jason varitek for carlos ruiz?

for a third baseman i suggest David Wright or Ryan Zimmerman. Bartolo Colon is good keep him

Fair Trade?

I wouldn't; he was good last year, but this is a new year, plus I think he got into a weird funk during the playoff games which could mess you up. Pick Brandon Webb; he's more of a reliable pitcher, and he's got some good stuff.

Should i drop Hunter Pence for Kevin Youklis?

Do u mean a sleeper 3b? I like Mark Teahen this year, not to mention he'l get eligibilty at OF, yes, keep Colon, just put him on ur DL for now.

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