2007 Fantasy Baseball Trade: Tejada and Zito for Kazmir, Arroyo, and Maroth?

Question:Is this a good trade, for me? I'm Getting Kazmir, Arroyo, and Maroth. I have Gullien so not much need for Tejada.

My SP without Zito:
J. Sheilds
J Hirsh

F Cordero


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yes sounds good

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Sounds like a good trade

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Take it.
Guillen is good and you need arms!

Beltran or Soriano? who and why?

Kazmir and Arroyo Should be Bigger Pitching Stars on the rising and if you have gullien he can put up some numbers even is Tejada is pretty good

My answer: YES

Why do commisioners have the ability to edit any teams roster in fantasy sports?

that is the dumbest trade ever you are willing to trade tejada and zito for some guys i have never even heard of who probably suck!!?? no way!!

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i see you took my advice. although id be cautious about this trade. id still ask for more because tejada is very valuable. kazmir got hurt last year and im afraid he might again this year. arroyo pitches in a really good hitters park so he might give up a few HRs. maroth is very average. so tell him to take out maroth and put in someone better.
zito will increase his Ks because he is switching to the NL, but im not sure about his wins because the giants are flawed offensively. but his era and whip should come down.

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