Any reason to start both Colston and Henderson ....other choice would be Hines Ward or Sammie Morris?

2 receivers on the same team seems like too much of a risk...but it could pay off...


Scott rolen!! what the hell?

Definately go with Henderson, and Colston if you're playing against Brees.

Who should I start as my utility player on fantasy baseball?

If you are talking about a Yahoo league start Colston in the TE slot (he is a WR, TE on Yahoo). Although I think Henderson will have a good game against NYG, I think the best bet is to go with the running back. Sammie will start for Ronnie Brown (broken hand) and Buffalo is the 4th worst rushing defense in the league.

Should I trade Pujols for R. Cano and M.Lowell?

personally i would go with henderson and ward

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