Alright tough choice cant go wrong either way but brady vs texans or bulger vs raiders sounds like $ for both?


My yahoo commisioner totally rigged the draft by using the offline version. How do I Report him?

You can go wrong here. I'd use Brady against the Texans. The Raiders pass D is much better than you think.

Oakland has the . . . . #1 pass defense in the NFL giving up just 155 yards per game.

Houston has the 26th ranked pass defense in the NFL giving up 225 yards per game.

The Rams will look to use Jackson a lot against the Raiders, but the Patriots will use Brady as the main weapon this week.

Sizemore for Mauer and Fielder?

orcal_girl's is a spammer. I have just looked at all his answers and they are all spams sending users to another (possible infected with virus) website. I have reported him / her / it. I trust you all do the same.

I do not know what software they are using, but they seem to be answering EVERY question asked. PLEASE, report them and have their account deactivated.

Is there no limit to the amount of questions that they can answer.

Sorry for invading your question with this post, but I am peed at people not trying to help people and wasting time with that spam SH*T. Sorry again. ;-)

Any funny fantasy baseball team names?


What should I do to improve my fantasy team?

brady, texas has a terrible defense.

Which two Receivers do I start for FF Championship?

Brady, expect St.Louis to run all over Oakland.

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