Should Shawn Alexander still be considered a top five fantasy pick?


WR Question?

no. maybe top 15 but not top 5.

I need help proposing a trade?


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As long as he is not on the Madden cover again this year Alexander will be one of the top five RB's this year. Draft him and count yourself lucky.

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Choose 3 OF to start: Baldelli, Cuddyer, Hawpe, Matthews Jr., Rios.?

Shaun Alexander is probably a second round pick at this point, depending on the size of your league, but he'd still be very valuable.

TE dilemma. Who to start at TE?

After this season, NO
It should be: L.T., Steve Smith, Payton Manning, Devin Hestier, (maybe Dallas Clark)
Defense: Jason Tayolr, Julius Peppers, Chris Jenkins, . . .. . . .

Should I accept this trade?

i had him in 05-06 season. he did wonders. no he's not so good. top 15. i'd take a better RB.
here's some help on choosing a back.

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10-15th pick is where I think he will go this year

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