2k7 Cle.Indians?

Is this the year ? do you think we really have a chance?


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Yes, Wedge is playign with our lineup right now. He should have done that last year but he didnt the team we have now. Garko, Blake, and Victor can all play 1st base. Victor has been struggling with catcher, if Shopach can just heat up with his bat, thats 1 more option.

Our starting lineup: CC, Lee, Westbrook, Byrd, Sowers, Carmona. well a combination of 5 of those 6 guys, but can you compain with any of those guys? Sure Bryd is our 5th guy but thats fine how many teams are that deep, Not many.

Our Bullpen. Borowski, Hernandez, Cabrera, Fultz and Matsny will do soo welland Matt Miller on the DL(career era of 2.74). Not to mention we have Adam Miller and Jason Davis, just dying to come back to the big leagues.

Its going to be The Tribe and The red sox for the AL.

Big Trade Question (keeper league)?

NOOO!! lol go yankeeessss!! alll theee wayy!!

NFL running backs. Out of Tiki Barber, Willie Parker, Maurice JOnes-Drew & Marion Barber, which 3 to start?

With the addition of Cliff Lee back to the starting rotation and how good the rest of our pitching and bullpen looks (especially Carmona, what a suprise there), I really think we have a chance this year!

It seems like every game, someone new from the lineup steps up in the clutch to deliver. If this keeps up, who knows how far we can go.

I say this every year as a Cleveland Indians fan, but I really think we have a chance to win the AL Central.

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