Any funny fantasy baseball team names?


Im getting Killed in AVG, ONBASE, SLUGGING, OPS, WHIP, ERA, HELP!!?


Want to join my Fantasy baseball league?

Pink Highlighters
Batteries Not Included
Made in China
Vegetation of the Arctic
Fossils of the Internet
With Disabilities
Beware of Dog
Hamster Loin of Vengeance
Doctor Recommended
Number 2 Pencil
Keep out of reach of Children
Burnt Toast
Peacocks of the Afterlife

Please give me best answer

Hows my team?? Any suggestions??

Honey-Nut Ichiros (if you have ichiro)
or Honey-Nut Rios (if you have alex rios)

How is that not the best name?

How do I start a Fantasy Football Keeper league?

Winnie the Pujols
Sexson the Pujols
Albert Poo Holes

In Hockey, is "PIM" penalty minutes looked at as a good stat?

Coco's Krispies.

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