1st Round of Playoffs. Who should I start at QB?

Question:Brett Favre, vs Detroit
Steve McNair, vs Cleveland
Jay Cutler, vs Arizona.


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Congratulations you are my 100th question. I wish that meant something but unfortunately you will get paid as much as I do. ( ha ha) you have a tough one. Peyton is Hotter than anything. The Titans have a pass happy Raider team and that could mean big things for Volek and bennett.
I think Brady will be handing off most of the night as the dolphins try to play catch up. If you feel you need every little point to beat your opponent this week, Go with Volek, It will be considered the ballsiest move of the season and you will be considered a FF genius. Let me know how it worked out. Tom

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Favre against the Lions.

Espn fantasy football playoffs?

you can almost depend on detroit to screw up,and farve at home against detoit, denver will run more than throw, its a toss up with farve and mcnair, im going with the old timer farve

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I'm still trying to figure out the 2nd answer to the question here. I would go with Favre against Detroit. I think that is your best option to put up points.

I have Driver,Ward,Crumpler,Stallworth, S.Smith.who do I start? It is a point per reception league?

farve he's 14-0 at home against detroit
cutler hasnts proved anything and
with baltimores D mcnair doesnt have to do
much to win against the browns
good luck

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I have to say Cutler, Arizona has a decent run defense so they should be throwing the ball, and with Cutler starting these days the Bronco's will be taking more shots down field.

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Brett Favre is a turd, but I think he's your best play out of the three. Slightly ahead of McNair.

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