Any good players for FANTASY MLB that i can trade for , at a cheap price?

Question:my team

C- ramon hernandez
2b- brian roberts
3b-garrett atkins
ss-rafeal furcal
of-andruw jones
of-giggalo ordonez detriot haha
of-nick markhakis baltimore
utli- mark texeria
howie kendrick
bobby crosby
brian giles
shea hillenbrand
mark lorretta

brett myers PHI
curt schilling
trevor hoffman
bobby jenks
mark prior
derick lowe
akinori otsuka rp texas


Who should I start. Jay Cutler or Jeff Garcia.?

There probably isn't a need to trade when you can pick up a few gems from the wire!

Dump all those extra infielders: Loretta isn't supposed to start, Crosby has been a not so "promising" talent for 5 years, and Hillenbrand brings little. No one will grab them anyway, so if you need one later, they'll likely be around.

Giles (OF) is fading fast. I bet Chris Duncan (ST. L OF) is on your FA list - look over his stats and note he only had 280 ABs last year!

Pick up some pitchers!! Another RP would be nice - see if Tankersley (Fla) or Torres (Pitt) are still available. If not, don't worry - there is always turnover during the season.

As for SPs, look for Maddux (won't get you many Ks, but his traditionally low ERA and Whip should help and he'll get some wins). I doubt they are still around, but see if Lilly (ChC), Escobar (LAA), or Olsen (Fla) are still around in the FA pool. However, I bet John Maine (NYM) is out there...he might be worth a shot (check out his numbers from last year).

Hope that helps and that you aren't in one of my leagues..

Plexi, andre, edwards, devery, clayton or jericho?

I don't know how your league runs,but trade a hitter for pitcher. Prior is good but iffy injury wise, and Schilling is also vulnerable.

Randy Moss...?

you have a fairly solid team. 8/10

i would suggest you drop loretta and crosby since you have no need for them, and frankly no one does. your offense is very balanced overall, with good steals, average and power numbers.

as for pitching. well thats weaker. myers is a solid starter. but you lack that ace pitcher to anchor your team. and you will have some very high era's and whips on this team. prior is risky, but i have drafted him on my teams since i think he will rebound. shilling gained quite a bit of weight, but he is in a contract year so there is incentive for him. i think your mistake was paying too much for closers, when you could have drafted a starter.

i would suggest picking up a starter like maddux or penny if they are on waivers. or trading one of your hitters like texeira for an ace pitcher.

some good pitchers that might come cheap: john patterson, bartolo colon,

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