1st time playing fantasy baseball?

I'm doing a draft tonight and i'm wondering what area I should pay attention to the most. I know in football the rb is the biggest area to focus on. How about baseball? Thanks!


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Assuming your in a roto league...
1st round go for the most complete offensive player (ie Pujols, Reyes, etc). You need to have good SP but don't get too focused on it - there will always be good pick ups throughout the season. Make sure you're balanced in all your statistical categories (you don't want to have 6 players that are gonna get 40 SBs and no 30+ HR guys). Don't draft saves! Nearly all starting closers will get about 30 saves so wait till you have to.
Have fun and be sure to pick a hometown player or 2 so that you're interested in your team all season long. It's a game!

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Fantays baseball and football are very different. In Baseball there are pretty much two positions hitters and pitchers. Depending on the league your in will depend on the type of talent you want to draft. But here are some guys that will help you no matter what the league is.
Albert Pujols
Alfonso Soriana- 40/40 capabiltty every year
Chris Carpenter
Johan Sanatana-Racks up tons of K's which will most likley help you out
Carlos Beltran-40/40 talent
A-Rod- power hitter
***These are jsut a few key players that will give your team a chance to win. But your skill to pick a team will progress the more times you play Fantasy Baseball

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first 3 rounds or so should strictly be power guys. then depending on who is there you can pick up a good SP or start getting RP or continue with power. there are tons of good OF and 1B so dont sweat if you dont get one early. SS and 2B are hard to get. there are only a handful of good ones.

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Go for power hitters and pitchers in your first 20 picks.

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offense so if u can get ortiz he is the best hitter in the league 54 hrs 137 rbi's u need to get him trust me

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