Alexander or Jones-Drew?

Question:Ok so i won 1 money league, got bumped out of my non-money league last night by less than a point and now i will be playing this week for the title in my 2nd money league, unfortunetly i have to face LT

now i have picked my team all except my 2nd RB. my first has been Westbrooke this season with a devistating injury to my #1 draft pick Alexander. for the few games Alexander has played he is yet to have a big one and this weekend he faces a nasty Chargers D. not to mention that after LT creats a big lead Seatle will have to go to the air more. i know Alexander should normally be no question but my other back is Jones-Drew who is have a great season and took care of me while Alexander was out. Drew is facing the Patriots this week and the injury to Taylor helps to giving Drew more touches.

So who would you start in the big championship game? Jones-Drew or Alexander


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-I too face the same delema you do, keeping Alexander, and picking up Drew off of the waiver wire, in mid season. Drew has taken care of me all season, and I wouldnt chance facing Alexander versus a very good Chargers run defense (esp with Merriman back for them). I think Seattle will want to pass more anyway, and use Jackson and Branch, because Alexander will get stuffed at the line
-I am playing Drew for this reason, and because Drew not only gets rushing yards, but passing yards too. If Taylor doesnt play, then they Drew will get the bulk of the carries on offense, because hes been their go-to guy since Leftwich got injured (IE-Indy game). Hes good for at least a touchdown in the air or on the ground.
-This is a must win game for both teams. Jax for the wild-card and Pats for the division clincher. Even though the Pats shut out Houston last week, they still allowed Dayne to get 96 yards and a touchdown
-Good luck man!

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You gotta to with Jones-Drew

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I would start Jones-Drew in the championship game. He will find a way to get his yards and he will also find the endzone at lease one time.

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It is true that Taylor is injured, but I don't know if Jones-Drew will get any more touches, because he too is nursing a sore hamstring. They are both listed as probable on the injury report, but I would go with Alexander on this one and hope that he can get an early TD or two.

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