Anyone know how to set up a 13 run baseball pool ?


What do you think about this Fantasy Football Team?

I think this is what you mean:
O.K. u need to find 30 people (including you). They each have to pay a certain amount of money to get into the pool. You could make if whatever you want. ex. $100, $50, $10, etc. Then you write all the teams in the MLB on pieces of paper. You put them into a hat and have the people pull them out. What ever team they pull is their team for the pool. Then the first team to score 13 runs in the MLB, the person that represents that team wins. If two teams get it on the same day(Highly Unlikely) then the people split the money. And as far as the money goes, supose everybody pays 100 dolars. thats $3,000 in the pool. Now as the creator you get 10%. In this case 300 dolars. Then what ever is left over (In this case $2,700) is what whoever wins gets. If you have any problems email me. You can from my page. Hope you have fun.

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