Am I doing alright in Fantasy Baseball?

Question:How good is my team? I have had to do alot of trading to get alot of these guys. So this is not straight from a draft. I am in a H2H Yahoo Public league with 12 teams. Please rate my team 1-10 and please say why u gave it that rating.

Heres my roster:

C Paul Lo Duca
1B Todd Helton
2B Dan Uggla
3B Miguel Cabrera
SS Aaron Hill
OF Bobby Abreu
OF Vladimir Guerrero
OF Gary Sheffield
Util David Wright
BN Manny Ramirez
BN Michael Young
BN Julio Lugo
DL Chone Figgins

SP Justin Verlander
RP Joe Nathan
RP Jonathan Papelbon
P Andy Pettitte
P Dontrelle Willis
P Roy Oswalt
BN Armando Benitez
BN Freddy Garcia


I can get Travis Hafner or Miguel Tejada for Daisuke Matsuzaka looking at my team who should i trade for or?

Agree - pmanning calling himself an expert in one question, and asking for help with his team within a question or two is completely laughable. What an idiot...

Back to your question. Very good team, although I would probably trade Sheff and Pettitte or Garcia for a lights-out SP. It is useless to own Manny and have nowhere to play him. And why in the world you would play Aaron Hill over Michael Young is beyond me... slow start or not, Young has over 200 hits for several years running and is waking up. Get rid of Hill.

Good luck in your continued quest to fleece other owners out of their best players - that is a ridiculously strong hitting team. Go for some more SP now.

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i like it..the only problem is i think pettite gonna give ya some bad starts in the middle of the season

Garrard or Manning?

hey i would give your team a 8
You have a great team so dont worry what place your in right now
i would try to get micheal young in your line up becasue he is very good
if you cant fite him in trade him for a sp and decent sp so you have more choices with your pitching staff

Im an fantasy exert and i would say you will be in the top 3 in about 3 weeks when your players start cathcing fire because your whole lineup can

keep paul lo duca he is undderated in yahoo and he is getting more power

good trading great team

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I can tell the guy above me is modest, "I'm a fantasy exert" Lol
First of all, put in Michael Young instead of Aaron Hill, and Manny in Sheffields place. Since Sheff has 1B eligibility in many leagues put SHeff in Helton's place.
Now to your strengths and weaknesses.
Your team has great hitting. You will win HR's, RbI's and Runs pretty much every week. AVG. will be a tossup and steals will be a loss a lot of times until you get CHone back, and will then be a tossup like AVG.
Now you pitching could use some improvement. Consider trading one of your hitters for an ace like Roy Oswalt or Jake Peavy. Wins, K's, ERA, and WHIp will be close but I think you will lose those 60-70% of the time. You should be good to go in Saves though.
Hitting 4/5
PItching 3/5
Overall 7/10
If you stay steady with your team and be a good manager you could reach top 3 or 4, and from there anything goes in the playoffs. Good luck!

What do you think?

This is a good team, a great team actually, that I would rate an 8/10. Just make these changes:

Make Manny Ramirez one of your primary outfielders because he is on the list of The Top Outfielders. My choice would be to replace him with Gary Sheffield.

Make Roy Oswalt your SP. He is a very dominant pitcher and he is probably the 4th or 5th best starter in the MLB, nothing to compare with how low Justin Verlander is on the list.

I would say everything else is fine. I think you are a serious league winner contender. Good luck!

Do you know Chris Denorfia of the A's. What do you think of the trade?

You need to get Michael Young and Manny Ramirez in. Also you should consider picking up another pitcher for your team.

Good trade?

your offense looks great but i don't think armando benitez is a great choice even though hes on your bench. His ERA is so high and he blows a lot of saves. i don't know if pettitte is going to be that great either. but overall, i think your team is pretty decent. Good luck!

Fantasy Baseball Trade?

1 you have a good base ball team but id have good ps

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