A guy wants to give me Iwamura, Torii Hunter, an K-Rod for Rollins an Bay.?

Question:Dosent sound like a good idea to me.
My back up SS is Renteria an i would still have Andruw Jones, Carlos Lee, Delmon Young, Gary Matthews Jr., Bobby Abreu, an Curtis Granderson...
My closers are Putz, Fuentes, Torres, Valverde, Al Reyes


Championship Fantasy Football?

NO! The guy is trying to prey on someone due to Iwamura's hot start - he hasn't even been through the DIVISION, let alone the LEAGUE, once. Hunter has fallen from the ranks of the mighty and is barely a top 100 player, if that. K-Rod is awesome, no doubt. But the guy is asking for two top 30 players. And believe me, if you think Matthews Jr., Young and Granderson are all going to pan out, you are gambling on potential garbage. Young has proven nothing, Granderson struck out about every 3 at bats last year, and Matthews Jr. has done little except for one year in his career. I would rather trade all 3 of those guys, or at least 2 of them. Torii Hunter would not play in that lineup. You don't really want to downgrade so severely at SS - Rollins is going to have a very big year. And you don't need 5 closers. Trade two of them to upgrade somewhere you need help.

What do you think of this trade?

I think u should do that trade but instead of a guy like iwamura i would ask for a better closer because a lot of times k-rod doesnt get the save oppurtunity because they r up by a lot.=}

How come josh hamilton isnt in my league is there a way yahoo can put him in there?

That's a terrible deal.. don't do it!

Hunter is getting older and was never a great hitter... Iwamura started off hot but i dont see him continuing this all season... K-Rod is the only solid player

Rollins and Bay are top players at their positions and cannot be replaced...

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Iwamura, Hunter, and K-Rod for Rollins and Bay?

I would do it in a heart beat, especially with Renteria who should have a great bounceback year. Your OF still is good also.

Torii Hunter is a player with 20/20 potential and good BA.

Iwamura isn't an all-star, but he's going to be a streaky player and when he's on a hot streak, he'll help out a lot.

K-Rod is better than any of your closers. This will also allow you to drop both Torres (who will soon lose his spot) and Reyes for position players who will be good.

Rollins is very over-rated. He is going to have a bad year.

Bay is good, but playing in that black hole that is the Pittsburgh lineup he can only put up so many stats.

Totally, DEFINITELY do that deal.

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