2nd Place in Fantasy League right now.Do I just keep things the same?

Question:Currently in 2nd place. Do I need to make any changes to finish in first or can you see me sliding a bit.here's the squad! I love my young infield including Martin. This is a keeper league so my infield is set for few few years, but outfield worries me.

C - Russel Martin
1B - Prince Fielder
2B - Dan Uggla
3B - Mark Teehan
SS - Hanley Ramirez
OF - Kenny Lofton
OF - Hunter Pence
OF - Alfonso Soriano
Utl - Travis Hafner
Bn - Jeff Kent
Bn - Dave Roberts

SP - Carlos Zambrano ( overrated by the way )
SP - Justin Verlander
SP - Roy Oswalt
SP - Tom Gorzelanny
SP - Mark Buerhle
SP - Ian Snell
SP - Ben SHeets
SP - Oliver Perez
RP - Jonathan Palpebon
Rp - Trevor Hoffman
SP - Takashi Saito


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Its a keeper league? Then id try to deal Kent for someone who is thinking short term for an outfielder, it might be a long shot, but u might want to go after Delmon Young. Id try to deal Uggla too, for him, its all down hill from here. He's probably already been snatched up, but id go for Lincecum for a pitcher if available, and Shields too. Teahen is a hit or miss prospect, he's been doing ok thus far, but he has the potential to break out. Try to find a 3rd baseman to back him up though. Hope that helps...

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I really like your squad, however I'm a firm believer that complacency breeds mediocrity. I'd always be on the lookout to upgrade your team but don't make any rash decisions.

Let the teams that are at the bottom of the standings that HAVE TO make a move make the mistake. They have the pressue on the them right now, so enjoy it. If they make you a great offer for someone that you think is overvalued than take it, but if not ride the wave.

You have no deficiency's so only do the deals that make you better and if it's a keeper league, you need to play for this year and for the future, so keep your young talent in Ramirez, Uggla, Martin and Pence. If you can get huge value for Hafner, I'd look into that, but only if you can replace the HR's, because if not, you'll be a little light in that department.

Good luck.

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It is a great lineup that you have,but don't stand pat. As the other fellow said,make only the deals and trades that will benefit you.My only concern,is Hafner and Roberts. Your pitching staff is something I would kill for.

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Get a better catcher, try to trade Soriano (only 8 RBI's), and try to get a better 3B

p.s Zambrano isnt too overrated, he was 4th in K's last year and was tied in the NL for wins with 16, he's just having a bad year at 4-3

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You have a Great Team. Pence is a great pick-up too. If you are looking for someone to replace Lofton look for Reggie Willits. He is currently playing for Garret Anderson. He's hitting .371 with 19 Runs and 9 SB's in 91 AB's. Although he is filling n for injured players don't be surprised if Anderson starts to ride the bench when healthy for the Hot hitting Willits. A guy like Jeremy Hermida might be a good pick-up too now that he is healthy for the Marlins.

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Never stand pat. You should always be looking to improve your team (conversely, don't make trades just for the sake of doing so. The point is to improve.). In your case, that's a great infield with a great pitching staff and (to be honest) terrible outfielders (A rookie, a great player, and the rapidly decomposing Kenny Lofton does not a fantasy league win). I would trade either Zambrano (if you can get last year's value) or Sheets (before he gets hurt) for the best OF you can weasel out of another owner.

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you could use a few more relievers unless saves don't really mater

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