Any suggestions for my fantasy baseball team?

Question:here's my team:

C- jorge posada
1B- adrian gonzalez
2B- brian roberts
3B- troy glaus
SS- carlos guillen
OF- carlos lee
OF- bobby abreu
OF- jason bay
utility- gary sheffield

BENCH: sammy sosa, ramon hernandez, and eric chavez

PITCHERS: jake peavy, felix hernandez, roger clemens, andy pettitte, erik bedard, tom glavine, and james shields

RELIEVERS: huston street, takashi saito, and jeremy accardo


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your team is solid, keep the good work up!

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First of all if I may suggest a few things...
Street is on the DL
Start Ramon Hernandez over Posada
Start Sosa over Sheffield--Sosa is hammering away those HRs

I'd call your team "Silent Killers", as most of your players are not icons but are fantasy studs

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i actually ...gave out a...ugh..or eeew..when i seen your team. this isn't a very good team. i'm sorry to break it to you but it simply isn't very good.

but here's the catch IT ISN'T VERY GOOD RIGHT NOW. don't panic yet. give it a few more weeks. bay's heating up and so is abreu..see if you can trade glaus and sheff...and roberts.

your pitching is solid. over all good enough to help you win or at least get a 6 spot (if this is h2h). but i personally think youre carrying to many relievers. if this is roto then that's fine but if its head to head need to deal TWO of them relievers for some hitting help in the infield.

you have players people will take. so make some moves.

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u have a pretty good team but u dont need to catchers id say trade posasa for a solid reliever whos not a big name guy like al reyes or a shortstop like michael young.

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