I am the commissioner in a yahoo fantasy plus baseball league. why are the waiver priority rankings not chng?

waiver priortiy rankings seemed to fixed to the reverse of the draft order.shouldn't they change automatically after moves are made?


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An owner needs to place a claim in on a player who is on waivers for them to adjust. If they wait until the player becomes a free agent - their priority will not change

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No waiver prioter doesnt change, it stays the same as the reverse order to remain balance

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cuz u didnt change it

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Waiver priorities change after a player is claimed off of waivers, not if a player is added as a free agent. For example if a team has the #1 priority and they claim a player off of waivers, their priority will go down to the lowest priority possible.

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Waiver priority won't change until someone claims a player off of waivers (not the same thing as claiming a player as a free agent).

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