Anyone have a girl friendly fantasy baseball league going?

Question:I like fantasy baseball, I'm pretty good at it, but I get a bit down that I'm usually the only girl in the public league. Anyone have a league that at least has another girl or two in it?



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My wife is big into Fantasy Football along with a few of our friends, but they have only sparingly played fantasy baseball with us guys. If we get some girl-cheese (pun on grill'd cheese/pitcher throwing cheese-just what we call'em) I'll let you know. I think its more fun have girls in the league because the guys hate to admit that girls might know more than them in the world of sports.

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Last year I got my ex-wife into a league called the "Rotisserie League of Their Own", which was a play on the movie "League of Their Own" starring Gina Davis. She led wire to wire only to lose in the playoffs, but now is looking for another league. There will be vacancies in the league this year so email me if you are interested and I will pass your info along to her.

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Check baseball message board.

A girl just posted on there for a GIRLS ONLY league.

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Hey. I have one for girls only. Look for Diamond Girls in the Public Leagues. Take care!

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