CBC playoff Hockey Pool?

Question:hey guys, just wanted you to see my players, do you think this is a good team, theres a salary cap so if your on that website it'll be better since you'll have an idea of how much each player costs. But this is my team, Rate it: 1-10.

LW: Daniel Sedin
LW: Thomas Vanek
C: Danielle Briere
C: Pavel Datsyuk
RW: Teemu Selanne
RW: Maxim Afinogenov
D: Chris Pronger
D: Brian Campbell
D: Kimmo Timonen

G: Ryan Miller

what do you guys think of this? do you think it's a good team to compete against the other people in the pool?


Need 3 of these Flex Players for Championship Game!?


check zetterberg's price, he's back.

try ryan whitney or phaneuf instead of timonen.

I just picked up Jason Giambi and Bobby Jenks need help on who to start this upcoming week and ...?

Decent team.

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