Andre Johnson vs. Indy, Boldin vs. SF, Chad Johnson vs. Denver, Roy Williams vs. Chicago...pick 3 to start?


Denver DEF or Saints DEF?

boldin, johnson and johnson

Fantasy BBall; Rip Hamilton or Raja Bell??

It's easy man, don't take Williams against the Bears D. Andre Johnson is an easy start against Indy's terrible pass D right now, Boldin can't be bad against SF and Chad Johnson will always get you some sort of numbers.

Who will sign for more, Thomas, 3rd pick, (lineman) or Quinn 22nd pick,( qb, skilled position)?

I agree with Chiefs. Definetly the other 3 over Williams.

Alexander, Rudi, Parker, or Edge?

Chief is right on with this one...Don't start Williams against Chicago.

Who to start Garcia or Hasselback?

Bench williams your other plays are good. YOu'd be stupid to go up against Bears D.

Start Houshmandzadeh?

Andre Johnson
Chad Johnson
Roy Williams


No way do I start Williams against Chicago.

Fantasy Baseball Team: Rate and Advise?

1. Chad Johnson - Best WR in the game and most explosive of your guys.

2. Anquan Boldin - Probably your most consistent guy, his team likes to throw a lot so it's a good bet.

3. Andre Johnson - Indianapolis Defense isn't that good. Even still Houston will probably be down 3 TD by the 2nd quarter so they'll throw all day long.

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