ANDRE JOHNSON or D.J. Hackett?

Andre Johnson or D.J. Hackett for my semi-finals tomorrow, i really need help im torn, do you think the poor colts run defense will open up playaction or is it safer to go with a potential #1 in Hackett, both the Colts and Chargers don't allow much against the pass...WHAT DO I DO?!!?!


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i say d.j. hackett

Who should I start at Utility?

Start Hackett!!

Hows my fantasy team?

Johnson is the only good reciever that Houston has go with him!

Who should i start at wr p burress m colston m clayton m muhammad g gennings or b berrian?

Hackett - seattle's offense has been stagnant as of late so expect hassleback to air it out early and often. With jackson on the sideline, Hackett has been proving to be matt's fav target. Indy's defense played well last week and set higher expectations for themselves this week to maintain that edge going into the playoffs. Hackett was a no doubter for my 3rd receiver this week. Goodluck!

When does Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2007 Begin?

I would choose Andre Johnson because he was very very good earlier in the season but has worn off a little but the colts will focus too much on the run and they will be vulnerable to the passing game

Who would u rather have Jason Schmidt or Papelpon?

No-brainer. Andre Johnson. He is clearly the better player and there is no need to play a guessing game with match-ups. He has been down a bit and due for a breakout game.

Good Trade?

I would go with Johnson because they will fall behind and have to throw the ball a lot to try and win the game.

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