Al Jefferson/Felton for Jason Terry/Ben Gordon?

I need help in the guard stats (3's, points) and have thought about offering Al Jefferson and Raymond Felton to an owner who has a lot of guards but is a little light on big men. I think I should be fine without Jefferson, as I have quite a few big men (Garnett, David West, Andrew Bogut, Tyson Chandler, Brad Miller, Chris Kaman, Troy Murphy). Is this a good trade or would I be ripping him off?


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Definitely offer the trade ti him because you would be getting a much better deal.

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You would definitely be ripping him off for TERRY AND GORDON... Jefferson is good, but Felton isn't close to Terry or Gordon unless he is WAY desparate for big men...

I would say, if you want Terry and Gordon, offer Felton, Jefferson, and throw in Andrew Bogut or (upside) Brad Miller.

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your out of your mind. raymond felton and al jefferson are young players, and sure, they are pretty good; but they aren't proven yet. i wouldn't exactly say ben gordon is proven yet either, but terry is. you could never pull that trade off

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i wouldnt go for it, ben gordon scores and gets threes, and jet gets assists, threes and is good overall. fleton is only giving someone steals and jefferson is doing well but if u proposed it to me i would reject it unless i was getting something good in return

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good trade he has alot of guards i did that except oppisite

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I would definitely do it, especially for what you need in 3's & points, which are exactly what Terry & Gordon provide for you. The other owner might accept this trade, but you should be worrying that you'd be "ripping" them off because they are getting good players too in Jefferson & Felton.

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I'd simplify it, but make the offer anyway. The worst they could do is say "no" (assuming the trade-target's not your boss...).

Stat calculators say that Felton and Terry are pretty equivalent over the last 45 days. Ray's slight edge in assists and steals offset Jason's higher FG% and 3's. It's just that Knight is coming back and that may impact his stats. It's hard to compare guards' and forwards' values, too.

So, offer him Jefferson for Gordon straight up, with an e-mail that says you'd also be willing to do the Jefferson/Felton for Terry/Gordon thing if he'd prefer. If he's serious about improving the big men, he'll at least take your offer seriously enough not to be offended. It ultimately doesn't matter what the newspapers say is a good trade, but what the trade does for your/his team that matters.


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I would personally rather have Al Jefferson! He is coming into his own! But with the team you have, you would be better off trading some big men and getting what you need.

Make the offer and tell him that you are just interested in helping both teams needs with a deal and have him counter with something that he may like better.

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Ok dude, first of all, don't worry about ripping the other guy off.
Now, this deal will definitely benefit you. However, you may want to keep Felton, a great poitn guard, and give one of your forwards instead. I would say David west or Chris Kaman. If you want a better point guard than Terry, who's not particularly good, you may want to offer Bogut of Chandler instead.

Other than that, good luck!

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You seem to be doing well in rebounds, so therefore, I would do it. Jefferson is a top-notch rebounder and scorer, and gives you 10pts, 15 rebs a night. But, you do have Garnett and West and a ton of other good PF/C's, so you don't need him. Felton will lose some minutes with the return of Brevin Knight too. You are getting Terry, who is a great overall palyer,adn Gordon, who has recently mov ed into the starting spot, but you are kind of rippin him off, with this trade. If you don't want to rip him off, add in another big man, like bogut or west, and try to get another average PG/SG, so you can make it a little more fair.Believe it or not, my fantasy team is just like yours. I have Garnett, Tim Duncan, Jermaine O'Neal, Andris Biedrins, and Al Harrington, all at once! 5 of the top 10 big men in the NBA. I traded away Duncan, and I'm tryintg to trade O'Neal too. Anyway, hope you win your league!

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