Anyone know a good website for NHL fantasy hockey which allows you to trade and customize draft picks?

Question:I want to be able to start a fantasy hockey league with a draft where the order can be changed, and where draft picks can be traded in advance.

Does anybody know of a good website or service that does this?
Please do not reply with every fantasy sports site you know. Most of them that I know of do not allow you to do this.


Hows my team?

Yeah. I've been in some Drafts where we all meet on line with yahoo messenger, do our draft (and trading of spots and picks as we go along) that way.
League commish sets up the league on Yahoo and just inputs everything afterwards.

Is this a good trade? West and Jefferson for Roy and Gay?

I don't know if any websites allow this, however, what you can do is set up a group on yahoo and hold an offline draft, which will allow you to trade draft picks and then just input the players into the computer.

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