Should I accept this trade?

I would get Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Beltran, Jimmy Rollins, and Rich Hill for Justin Morneau, Hanley Rameirez, Grady Sizemore, and CC Sabathia


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I like it up to the point where I see Rich Hill for CC Sabathia. Hill is starting to be A LOT MORE HITTABLE. Sabathia is a much more proven SP then Hill. I had Hill, and as soon as he was Hot, moved him for Joe Borowski. Adrian Gonzalez was Hot as anyone at the start of the season but seems to be cooling off now. You have to remember this is hist First Full Major League Season, so he will probably have some growing pains somewhere along the line. Morneau is a proven commodity and is a Stud which he established himself as last year hitting 34 HR's 130 RBI and a
.311 AVG. Morneau >> Gonzalez. Carlos Beltran hit 41 HR's 116 RBI 18 SB's and hit .276 last year. He is a Fantasy God. This year he has 8 HR 29 RBI has 6 SB's and is hitting .299. I expect the same as last year except with a better AVG. Sizemore is a ROTO Stud, and a damn good player to have in any league. Last year he hit 28 HR's drove in 76 RBI and hit .290 and also had 130 Runs scored which is not many more then Beltrans 127. Beltran will hit more HR's and probably have a better year all around except SB's.
Beltran > Sizemore. Jimmy Rollins has more power and is a Veteran, which gives him the edge over Hanley Ramirez, even though Ramirez may finish with a higher AVG and more SB's. Rollins does a better job of drawing Walks, and will score more runs, drive in more runs, and hit more HR's.
Rollins > Ramirez. Sabathia is the Ace of the Indians... Hands Down. Sabathia is on pace to win 24 games at the rate he is going right now. He i having his best year yet so far. He will be 27 in July and has pitched at least 180 innings in all six of his years. He has a career record of 87 wins and 57 losses, but think about how many bad years the Indians had. He's a guy who will most likely get you 200 K's this year and at least 17 wins. Hill will not touch those numbers. Hill is 27 also. How many times have you heard his name mentioned in the past couple of years? That's because he's been in the Minors. Last year he was 6-7 for the Cubs in 99 innings with 90K's and a 4.17 ERA. He has been a Solid Minor Leaguer the past couple of years. He went 6-1 in 10 starts in 2005, and in 2006 was 7-1 with a 1.80 ERA and 135K's in 100 innings. Hill started off Great, but is starting to look like a inexperienced MLB SP. He lost 3 of his last 5 games, and had a no decision as the Cubs Bullpen lost him another. Even if he is in line for a W the Cubs Bullpen has already lost 12 games by themselves. This is not a statistic to be very fond of. Sabathia >> Hill. Although you will be downgrading Sabathia for Hill, and Gonzalez for Morneau you are also improving your OF and SS Positions. If you feel you have a sold pitching staff so far then take it. But if you don't I would not, because that is where it seems it would hurt you the most.

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dont give up Sabathia...counter offer with the same players but without Sabathia. or maybe a pitcher of less value.

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well lets break it down
adrian v morneau justin is proven adrian isnt vote u lose

beltran v grady beltran is a stud and batting in a killer offence vote win

hanley v rollins this is veary tuff for me i like hanley more also he has been moved to the 3rd spot in batting order more off production to come for him vote tie

hill v cc i go with cc much better more ks and should get more wins with indians off

so i would say no try trading beltran for grady

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Sweet Jesus no.

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no. i would hold on to sizemore and rameirez. rollins like utley ain't doing much because howard is out and in all reality he and utley only went off last year because howard hit 354 and 30 bombs in the second half..with howard on the dl and no where near being able to do what he did last year...youd be silly to give up hanely for jimmy (hanely is killing the ball in a CRAPPY LINEUP). sizemore lead the majors in runs last year and even though not hitting for average is still having a monster year is junk to me. look at his numbers THEY'VE GONE UP IN ALL THE WRONG AREAS year after year.. i still don't get what people see in or two good start a month? come on now. see if you can dump in for hill (i'll tell you right now the guy won't bite)

this isn't A BAD TRADE AT ALL..but its not one i'd make. beltran and the rest of the gang aren't worth what you'd be giving up.

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