2nd pick overall?

In your fantasy baseball draft, you have the 2nd pick and Albert Pujols was taken 1st overall. Who do you take and why? Reyes? Howard? Santana? Soriano? other?


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I would take Soriano 2nd overall. He is the best 40-40 candidate in baseball. His offense should only improve in Chicago (as he will be in a better hitter's park with great protection). Even though this is unlikely to happen, there is a slight (and I mean slight) chance that he will once again qualify as a 2nd baseman during the year. He also has avoided the major injury bug during his career and you should be able to count on his to be in the lineup most days.

As awesome as Santana is, I wouldn't take a pitcher with the 2nd overall pick. They are too unpredictable.

Howard is awesome and will probably improve on his numbers last year. I am certain that if you don't take him you will be able to wait another 5 rounds and pick up a great first baseman anyway.

Reyes is a tremendous player but shortstop is a pretty deep position these days. You can take Rollins, Hanley Ramirez, or Jeter in the 2nd and the 3rd round who are almost as good as Reyes.

The only other player you might want to consider taking 2nd overall is ARod. Soriano put up better numbers last year but don't discount one of the best offensive hitters in the history of the game. I would take ARod 3rd overall ahead of Howard but behind Soriano.

Best of luck!

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i had ryan howard on my team last year.he's the real deal.and i would't hesitate a second to take him again w/ my first pick.

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i would take santana because i would be estatic that he wasnt taken first pujols should be 2nd or 3rd

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I take Ryan Howard 2nd, A-Rod 3rd, Crawford 4th.

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Kept him as a KEEPER to start last season...did not regret it one bit.

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Definitely not Santana...he is a great Pitcher...but you never take a pitcher with your 1st pick. You want somebody who can make an impact every day.

Alphonso Soriano- Is in a loaded line up and he contributes so many stats...runs, sb, hr, rbi and avg. He would be my pick.

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Reyes or Soriano, I would give a slight edge to Reyes just because he is such an elite base stealer, which is always needed.

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If you are in a 1 year league I would take Soriano. While Howard is a stud, I wouldn't count on him following up last year with similar numbers. If you do take Reyes with the second pick I suggest you try and get Ichiro or Pierzynski at some point. This will ensure you having the best SB team in the league.

If you are in a keeper league I would take Reyes, Howard, Crawford, Soriano, A-Rod.

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I take soriano. Reyes will be 3rd for me. Howard won't have as big a year as he did last year, plus he just gives you power numbers.

Soriano has moved to a real hitters park in wrigley, and he's batting right in front of D. Lee and A. Ramirez, Soriano will be able to chase 40, 40 again.

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Jose Reyes would be my pick. Look at his numbers from last season .300, 19HR, 81RBI, 122R, 64SB all from the SS position...that's absolutely insane production.

In addition if your league offers points for doubles and triples he's going to lead the way for you there too. It's hard not to take Reyes, he's the man at his position and contributes in every category. Plus you can find power anywhere, speed and runs aren't always as easy to come by.

Take Reyes you'll be happy you did come October.

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Alex Rodriguez- look for him to have a strong comeback year. Hitting over .315 with 40 homeruns and 120 rbis and look at the lineup around him. He'll steal 15 bases and score 100 runs.

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Reyes def, unless you don't like .300 avg, 60+ steals, 20 + hr's, 15+ triples, 110+ runs scored.

There are so many power 1B, and Santana is the best but he is not an everyday player. Soriano in the outfield, too many good outfielders to take him at 2, and don't expect same production as last year with move to wrigley and big contract

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I would take Soriano, because he is one of the best hitters in baseball. He gets almost guarenteed 30+ homers a year, and is a pretty good fielder, despite having just switched to a new posistion. Plus, the only other real star the Cubs have is Derrek Lee, so he will thrive in their system.

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