Any Experts can tell me or give me a tips on what's the most imprtant about this year 2007BaseballFantasydraft

Fantasy draft hint and help?


Fantasy Baseball?

i agree. santana is the only sp to come across as a lock. you know halladay is going to come strong, but he has had injury issues on a "every other season" basis. pujols is a good first pick if you can get him. i say take jose reyes in the first round. he hits for average, has some pop, steals bases, and that line-up gives him amazing rbi potential. everyone seems to think that soriano is a lock for first round. i say dont buy it. second round at the earliest. if he was eligible at a weak 2 bag position yes, but outfeild is too crowded to justify him as a first rounder.

Who to start for my Fantasy Championship?

Unless you can get Johan Santana, do not pick a starting pitcher until the thrid round. Late second at earliest. To me there doesn't seem to be any that will have a dominating year.

Which WR should I start Marques Colston or Marty Booker?

two words: Albert Pujols

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