Al Jefferson & Steve Blake for Jason Terry?

I really need guard help and am thinking about giving up Jefferson & Blake to get Terry in a non-keeper H2H Yahoo league. Is this a good trade for me?


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I would definately do that trade. Blake isn't going to be nearly as productive with mello and A I back and Jefferson is a consistent but not high point getter. You get points, assists, and 3s from Terry on a high scoring Dallas team.

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That's a good trade.

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Bad idea. Jefferson is a quality center, something that isn't easy to come by. I think Blake's assists go up with a healthy melo and iverson. Unless you have better options at the center position then this trade is no good. Terry's numbers always go down in the second half as well, not to mention when it matters most to you, the end of the fantasy season and the playoffs, Blake and Jefferson will still be playing high minutes and putting up numbers where as the Mavs will be cruising into the playoffs resting their starters and you will have to watch as Devin Harris puts up better numbers than Terry.

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Jefferson is good for a ton of rebounbds each night, so if you are struggling in rebs, keep him. If you need assists and scoring, do it, because Terry will produce consistent Assists and scoring each game

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jefferson averages nearly double figure boards, 1.5 blocks a game , 48% fg shooting but 68%ft shooting

if you dont need blocks and rebounds by all means do that trade.

Terry actually averages pretty decent all around numbers this year. Low turnovers, 2 3's a game, 5/3 boards/assists, a steal a game and 45% fg shooting.

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I'd try to get a better PG for those two if I were you. I've been disappointed with Terry this season.
It depends on the rest of your team whether or not you should take this deal. If you have other rebounders and need scoring do it.

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Absolutely, Terry is great, getting points and assists and Jefferson and Blake don't do nearly as well.

Should I accept this trade?

i ahve bott al and jason. I would not do that trade terry has been strugglin lately and i benched him. al might not be the best but he is consistent and he always gets a double. Dnt do it.

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