WR Question?

Question:Torry Holt@OAK
Matt Jones@TEN
Chad Johnson @IND
Larry Fitzgerald v. DEN

Choose 2 and why


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This is a tough question.
Matt Jones has had trouble getting the ball all season and look for Jacksonville to run the ball and control the clock (one because of there outstanding running game against the colts last week and to keep V. Young off of the field). Torry Holt has had an amazing season but be very weary of the Oakland secondary they have proven all season long to be very talented. I would think that the Bengals will try and run the ball this week with Rudi Johnson (due to the Colts having the worst run defense in the NFL), but if the Colts get an early lead, look for Palmer to start airing it out. Fitzgerald will probably be matched up with Champ Bailey which is not good for any reciever, however Lienart's passing has been becoming more and more precise.
Overall your best choices are probably Torry Holt and Chad Johnson.

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Torry holt- he has been playing good this year so far..

Chad Johnson-he's been getting alot of catches lately...

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I would take Holt vs Oak because he is playing Oakland nothing else has to say but by the end of the 3rd the Rams will run a lot to kill the clock.

2nd I would take Chad Johnson vs the Colts. This game is going to be a high scoring game. Neither defence can contain the QB's in this game.

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Why ask the question ?? Johnson & HOlt

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Without question Johnson vs. Indy...this could possibly be the highest scoring game of the season for the bengals.

I like Fitz vs. DEN, here's why: A) Oakland's pass defense is just as good as it seems, and once jackson runs all over them...he will continue to do so to run out the clock. B) Tennessee has been playing lights out the last eight weeks and there is no telling what will happen in TEN. C) Arizona SUCKS at running the ball...plain and simple, this means around 20 passes thrown at fitz and boldin...I say they come down with 75% of those...divide by two and you have upwards of 15 points if he catches a TD

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I think that you should go with Holt and Johnson.

Holt- is having against a Raiders that is #1 in the pass but Torry Holt is to good to sit out. You saw what Chad Johnson and T.J. did to their secondary team. So Holt should have a game because the Rams have more offense weapons.

Jones- he hasn't done anything this year so not sure what you are going to get out of him. Plus with the Jags running game who needs to throw the ball.

Johnson- he is facing a Colts defense that can stop the pass pretty well but look at their CB. They can't stop Johnson. Do you remember last year when these 2 teams face, Johnson had 180 yards and a few td's. The Colts CB can't stop Johnson.

Fitzgerald- you could probably start Fitzgerald because he is facing a Denver team that doesn't do well against the pass. The way Matt Leinart is playing lately you should start the Arizona WR.

I said you should go with Holt and Johnson. These 2 WR are top 5 for WR. Come on it is Torry Holt and Chad Johnson.

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matt jones and chad jackson the reason is that champ bailey is going to be covering Fitzgerald all day so hes as good as done and OAK has i believe the #1 pass def so the rams are just going to run

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Holt and Johnson. Holt has been on fire again lately; look at the numbers he put up on Monday against the Bears best in NFL defense; he'll be even better on Oakland. The Bengals / Colts game will be high scoring like last year and Indy will stack the line against Rudi and the run after last week's disaster against the run. One on one for 85 = lots of points for Chad Johnson. Good luck with them. Avoid Fitzgerald as Denver D is strong and avoid Jones since he drops too many balls and Jags will run all day.

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