8 cat head to head league. which two(2) PG's should i choose from the ff. players?

Question:1. Delonte West
2. Brevin Knight
3. Randy Foye
4. Sam Cassell
5. Andre Miller
6. Chuky Atkins
7. Jamaal Tinsley


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Andre Miller is a given ...

For the second, it is a toss up between Randy Foye and Chucky Atkins. Foye is now a starter and has put in good #s the past few games when starting. Atkins is having a great season for Memphis, though. But with the possibility of the Griz trading Gasol and getting Ben Gordon, that may cut into Atkins numbers ... so Foye it is!

Andre Miller and Randy Foye!

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i would go andre miller and randy foye has been doing pretty good. i would normally say tinsley but he shoots a really bad % for aPG.

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Andre Miller is definitely the best choice. Although he is lacking in three pointers, his turnovers and steals are decent, his scoring his nice, and his assists rock. He really shouldnt' be on free agency.
As for your second pick.I would eliminate randy foye and chucky atkins right away. although tney are starters, they do not get very minutes and only produce in small bursts. However, your pick depends on your needs. tinsley provides steals, scoring, and assists every night but has poor percentages; cassell is a little worse, brevin knight = tons of steals and assists but injury prone, and delonte west is good overall.
I would personally go with jamaal tinsley unless your other percentages suck; then, I would go with delonte west.

Good luck!

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I would take miller for sure. He is a good fit in Philly. Maybe Chucky atkins. He seems to be getting it done in Memphis. Really I could side either way on the rest.

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tinsley and andre miller. cant believe they are fas!! lol

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For right now, I would go with West and Tinsley, because West has been pretty consistent throughout the season, and Tinsley has had a couple of 20 pt. 10 assist games recently. But, keep a watch out on Randy Foye, who was recently named starter over Mike James. Also consider Atkins, who gets you 5-7 assists, but is an inconsistent scorer, and Miller, who is a consistent Scorer and get 6-8 assists on a regular basis. Knight and Cassell are getting older, so they will get less minutes, and have young stars on their teams, who have/will take away their minutes (Matt Carroll and Shaun Livingston) Anyway, hope this helps!

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