Alex Gordon is available in waivers..?

I just finished picking up Iwamura he will be playing third base behind Alex Rodriguez in my lineup. However, Alex Gordon is still available and I dont want to take the risk of him getting hotter down the road. I am going to drop Closer Matt Capps (Ptsbrg) for Alex Gordon. I currently have Felix Rodriguez, Armando Benitez,Joe Borowski,and Gagne (DL) is this a good move? Please advise?


Which KC 3b is better? alex gordon or mark teahen? what do i do?

do it before gordon gets hot

How fair is this trade proposal?

pick him up

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Its a tough call... if he doesnt get hot soon... he may be splitting time with germann or teahen... but you do have closers to spare and gagne threw back to back games in minor league this past week... but do you really want to have 2 3rd basemen on the bench? It wouldnt be a mistake to pick him up...

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If it's Capps you're going to drop, I'd definitely take the risk on Gordon. Drop Capps and add Gordon. He could make a great 5-category UTIL player if he pans out.

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