4 players, Alfonso Soriano, Juan pierre, Torri hunter, and Gary mathews jr. what 3 would u start in fantansy L

keep in mind soriano is a must, so its more like which 2 of the three left? Juan Pierre Torri Hunter or Gary Mathews jr.??


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Hunter for sure...you just have to hope he doesn't get hurt.

and then it's a complete tos-up between Matthews Jr. and Pierre. Pierre has nothing for a bat. He might hit for average, but that's it. The only reason he has any fantasy value is for his speed. If you want more HR's and RBI, but less SB's, you should take Matthews Jr. It all depends on what the rest of your team look like. If you have good speed, you should start Matthews Jr., but if you have good power/run production, and not so much speed, i'd take Pierre.

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Pierre for the steals and Hunter for the power stats.

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Hunter has been incredible this year, 7 RBIs last night! Pierre will get your stolen bases! Hunter's numbers will drop off a little, but he should still be an everyday ourfielder for you. Between Pierre and Mathews, Pierre is better and will get you a load of stolen bases. I've never been too impressed with Mathews. Stick to Soriano, Hunter, Pierre in the outfield.

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Soriano - great all around player.

Hunter - He has just been smacking the hell out of the ball.

Pierre - He been hitting constantly and racking up the steals.

I would bench Matthews Jr. He's very inconsistent.

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GMJ doesn't deserve to even be on your bench, let alone a starter, unless you are in a super larger mixed league. Look at his career stats, he doesn't get double digit HR or steals.

Lack of power and lack of speed doesn't not equal a good fantasy player.

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Soriano and Hunter are good players. Pierre kills you in HR's and RBI's, but will beat Mathews Jr in steals.
Unless you need steels and can swallow his lack of power, I'd go for Mathews Jr. He's not a star player, but should put up ok numbers across the board.
Also Pierre might have higher trade value for a steal hungry team, whilst nobody will break the bank for Gary Mathews Jr.

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