Any rookie pitchers that will be as good as hamels this year?

need some help with sleeper pitchers, anyone who will produce like matt cain or have the success hamels has had this year as a rookie p?


Is this a good team?

1. Matt Garza- with Liriano out for the season, Garza could step into the #2 spot in the Twins rotation. He doesn't have the power that Phil Hughes has but he has great control.
2. Homer Bailey- Throws gas and has a good curve. Should get above average strikeouts.
3. Phil Hughes- great power and control just don't know when he is going to be called up.
4. Adam Miller- high 90's fastball, very good control. Probably starts the season in AAA and needs to add an offspeed pitch.
5. Jason Hirsh- average strikeout totals but good control and is a complete pitcher.

I don't understand this category-what are "fantasy sports"?

Philip Hughes ... I am a Yankee Hater, but this kid is for real!

Fantasy basebal keepers league / players ...?

I am also really excited about Philip Hughes. If he is taken by another team you may want to go after one or more of these pitchers in the following order:

1. Homer Bailey, Reds
2. Mike Pelfrey, Mets
3. Adam Miller, Indians

Best of luck!

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Michael Pelfrey, with how the Met's rotation looks now he will probably be a starter. The guys got great potential and I feel will be a hell of a ballplayer

I'd like your opinions on a trade I just made?

Matt Garza and Glen Perkins of the Minnesota Twins.

Boof Bonser (also a Twin) will probably not go very high in the draft either.

All three of these guys have a shot at gaining major innings for the Twins in 2007 with the loses of Liriano and Radke. Especially when the other alternatives are Carlos Silva, Sidney Ponson and Ramon Ortiz!!

All three have great stuff and could have a huge impact, especially pitching for the Twins. Garza and Perkins are expected to start the year in AAA as of right now, but given who's in front of them it is very possible either one could win a starting job out of Spring Training. Bonser is pretty much a lock for the rotation with the showing he had late last season.

Good luck!

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dont go for rookies, you cant predict what a pitcher will do against guys like ichiro, or pujols after just watching their minor league stats. theres a good sleeper in baltimore, hes a second year player, but he did extremely well last year, the kid's name is adam loewen (i probably misspelled that)

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