#3 WR help please?

Question:choose 2 please...Chad Johnson, Roy WIlliams, TJ Hackett
please factor in who will get the most fantasy points and there matchups for week 16. thx


Who would you rather have on your fantasy football team, RG Dan Neil or LB Lance Briggs?

chad johnson everytime, every week. do you mean D J hackett? I would stay away from Roy this week. Chicago is a bad matchup. stay with hackett.

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TJ Hackett Yes\\\\ Roy Williams VS chcg d NO!!\\\\\ Chad Johnson VS dnvr d Yes Weaker d !!!\\\\\

Who should i start at rb m jones drew fred taylor or m baber 111?

dont take chad coz hes goin vs bailey all day, roy williams is going vs. bears d, qb is not going to have time to throw so i dont expect roy to have good time, so thats not a good choice, hackett would be my best choice

and i see people sayin denver weaker d... its snowing in denver, plus champ bailey plus carson palmer is hurt,..plus denver has the fastest front 7...

then again the sandiego d is pretty nice but their pass defense is suspect, sandiogo has cliched a playoff berth and mentally arent gonna go after it like its their last game, if qb gets good protection from merman and co. id pick hackett.

Need WR and RB help?

Wow, those are some tough match ups. Ocho Cinco VS Champ Bailey, Roy W. VS. depleted bears secondary but they are the bears. and finally Hackett Vs. the chargers.... Whew

I Like Roy Williams, and Chad Johnson. Heres why:

1. The bears have clinched everything, the 2nd string will see lots of playing time. Williams has a chance.

2. Chad Johnson is a big time player, and Big ime players play big in big time games. He will have lots of yardage, but he won't get thrown to near the goal line because this is wherechamp gets all of his picks. in He will need a long TD if he is gonna score. (I don't know how scoring is set up in your league, hopefully you get PPR)

3. The chargers are trying to stay ahead of baltimore. They have already lost there this year. There starters will remain in the game until they have clinched home field through out the playoffs. Marty won't screw around here.

Good Luck in your game.

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Johnson and Williams.

Big Trade Question (keeper league)?

All three seem to have bad matchups this week... Chad Johnson dealing with Bailey and the cold, Williams against the Bears and Hacket who will be hard pressed to get any balls with Hasslebeck lying flat on his back against San Diego. With nothing glaring in any direction, start your two best athletes/receivers/consistent options...Chad and Roy WIlliams (The Bears have also struggled the last couple weeks giving up big days through the air to St. Louis and <gasp> Tampa Bay's Tim Rattay!?!?)

Which RB should I start ?

WOW a no brainer here> Chad Johnson (Will be looking for the ball after a bad week and they need this win to have a shot at the Playoffs)

Roy Williams

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