2nd RB to start: Westbrook, Dayne, or Benson? LT #1RB?

Playing for Championship and I need help with 2nd RB to start.


With tiki having a bad year and jacobs questionable who do i start tiki or gore?

Westbrook rushed for 97 yards on 19 carries and two touchdowns in the Eagles' 36-22 win over the Giants on Sunday. The effort put Westbrook over the 1,000 yard rushing mark for the season with 1,092 yards on 213 carries. The first time in his career he's rushed for 1,000 yards. Westbrook is averaging 5.1 yards per carry and has played well, mostly under the radar this season for a Philadelphia team that can still win the NFC East title. So, you can look to him for many carries.

You shouldn't even look Ron Danye's way. He is splitting with Wali Lundy and hes doing fine. Danye won't do much come Sunday.

Chicago Bears RB Thomas Jones (ribs) missed practice Wednesday, Dec. 20, and is questionable for Week 16. RB Cedric Benson is expected to receive a bigger workload during the game. Benson scored his sixth touchdown of the season on a hard-fought 4-yard run in the fourth quarter on Chicago's 34-31 overtime win over Tampa Bay on Sunday. Benson rushed for 53 yards on 15 carries. He has scored three touchdowns in his last four games. For all the controversy that surrounded the Benson-Thomas Jones situation, it has worked out fine for all parties. Benson has become a short-yardage and goal-line staple for the Bears. He's rushed for 489 yards on 129 carries and has not coughed up the ball this season.

Yet Benson is haveing a good year your best bet is Westbrook is pretty much carrying the team on his shoulders (since McNabb's injury). He is also their key to the play-offs and he is sure to see many carries.

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Holt or stallworth?

Westbrook. He is the #1 option for Phily both running and receiving and the Eagles need to win every week so they will go with their best guy. Dayne has been a surprise over the last two weeks and has a good (the best) matchup with indy this week but it is possible the Texans fall behind early and spend most of the game throwing.

What is this weeks telegraph fantasy football code?

Westbrook all the way. If he doesnt do it in the running game he will in the passing game. And plus, how could you sit am guy like him?

Hines Ward or Mushin Muhammid ??

westbrook EASY dude

Who do you think will be better this year? Ramirez or Garrett Atkins?

I love Benson as well as Dayne. Dayne is playing the Colts who is plain horrible vs the run and Beson will pound it with Jones banged up as well as Detroits two starting DT out with injury. If I had to choose one I would Go with Benson because Texans might be blown out and force to throw

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