Any one want to join my private league @ 2007 open fantasy looking for more players @ 2007 ope

hey guys, i know 2006 open fantasy was a GRAND hit! i loved that fantasy...+ u get rewards,,,this year thou v only have rewards but no i thought v could make 2 teams 1 for tryin our luck for rewards...and 1 for trades and if u want to join my league contact me @ and i will get u a league password and league id...ONLY SERIOUS AND NON NOOBS players plz... abt the fantasy...---> its totally free no hidden fees...its the BEST fantasy u can get...i only need 9 more players...thanks...


What is more important in Fantasy Football services, services available, uptime, design, or cost?

Im game, you can view my yahoo profile for competitiveness, i trophied 3 out of 4 leagues last yr, including two 1st place.

My EMail:

How can my team be helped in a fantasy baseball points league?


How can i join a fantasy baseball auction draft leauge?

if its free send me a email i will join

Dye and maine for papelbon?

im in if its free, shoot me an email.

Rb question in two different leagues...kinda of a tough call?

I'll join the league if it's free, so if any r open email me at and I'll join for sure

Alejandro De Aza is the rookie CF for FLA; where can I find his 2007 stat projections?

Hey, I,ve played before, but what is this about? no trades??
I`m not sure I understand but I would like to be in it, if you still need more ppl.

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