Albert Pujols??

Im not sure where i draft in my league yet, but lets just say i hav 1st pic. Do i still draft Albert Pujols 1st even after his umbelievably horrible start? Or should a go for Jose Reyes who is playing at the level expected of him?


How do I add my Yahoo fantasy team scores to My Yahoo home page??

Pujols is the best player in baseball, and I'm a Mets fan!!

Cbs sportsline?

Albert Pujols no question even if he starts slow he will catch fire and up with 320 50+ 120+ don't be silly take him

Tim Lincecum is this guy for real?

the cardinals are down as of right now but remember that edmonds and encarnacion are out right now, hurting albert in runs scored. besides, albert has has 40 ish or more home runs every year in the league except his first (39 i believe) 100 runs scored every year, 100 plus rbi's and has been or almost been mvp for the last four years. he may be starting off slow, but albert pujols is not going to stay slow all season.

WR: Vincent Jackson, Chris Henry, Mark Clayton, Braylon Edwards. I have two spots left?

u go w/ Pujols, man

Who should I start, Chester Taylor or Ron Dayne? And on D, should I start the Indy Defense or Carolina?

take reyes, with pujols slow start, you may be able to trade reyes for pujols and someone, but do it before Pujols starts to heat up

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