2 questions about some fantasy basketball stuff..?

Question:Does anyone know for sure if Brevin Knight is coming off injury and going to be playing tonight. All the information that I have seen says that he has been working out and he was examined this morning and thats it.

My second question is what should I do about Yao Ming?


Fantasy Baseball question?Liriano?

. Knight has been cleared to play, but the coaching staff is waiting for him to get back into playing shape. He could possibly be ready to return for Friday’s home contest against Portland

Yao Ming-
PPG 25.9
RPG 9.40
wait till hes better cause once he back dum dum dum dum

Who to drop, please help fast!!?

even if knight comes back he will be hurt again real soon,and about ming hold him cuz his stock is low.. you wont get anything for him or at least not what you would want...but will put up solid numbers when he plays

Which is the best?

trade yao trade brevin

I have four second basemen. Who should I drop?

From what i understand, Yao's back healthy after the all-star break.. as far as brevin, he's not worth much 2 me.

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