Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas for Nash, Caron Butler, and Joe Johnson?

I get AI and gilbert


What happens if I lock out most of the managers in my fantasy league?

We can break it down for you actually

AI + gilbert

55.8 PPG a game with about 150-210 a week
a 44% FG over 120-160 shots a week
4 3's pg. with about 12-16 a week
82% FT with 50-70 FT's a week.
7 rebounds per game with 21-30 rebounds per week
15 assists per game with about 45-60 assists per week
7.6 t/o's a game with about 22-30 T/O's a week
4 steals a game with 12-16 steals a week.

Then add in a random player you pick up that averages 10 points per game 5 boards and 2 assists and 1.5 turnovers a game. shooting at 45% fg and 75% ft (average) with .5 steals a game. then you add that to the totals for three players.

WIth Nash/Butler/Johnson

You are getting 66ppg with about 190-260 points per week
You are getting 49% FG with 150-200 shots attempted a week
82% ft with about 42-60 attempts a week
6.2 3's per game at about 18-25 3's a week
15 rebounds a game with about 45-60 a week
19.8 assists a game with about 59-88 assists a week
9.8 T/O's a game with about 28-37 turnovers a week
4 steals a game with about 12-16 steals a week

Blocks are insignificant in this because none of the players are effective in that category

What's very significant is the 3rd person you pick up. when you make the trade

So AI and Gilbert are more efficient for FT's/Steals/Turnovers. If you pick up a pretty decent player who's averaging about 10-15 points you might even be able to take points as well. If you find someone with the ability to get 5 assists a game then you might even take assists.

But you'll lose points, 3 pointers, rebounds, fg%.

So look at what you have an weigh it together with the rest of your team. If you need what AI/GIL give you more than trade for them, otherwise dont bother.

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i`d do that trade in a heart beat

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You are WAY overspending! 3 top-notch players are much more valuable than 2. Don't do it!

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Nash and Areanas are more or less the same amount of points for your team every time they play and thats with nash only getting 10 pts and 12 assists. joe johnson makes up for the points that nash doesn't get on the nights he goes for 20 assists and 8 points and butler is an all-around player. if your league is built for scorers, definitely go for it. but if its for all-around i think you're getting jobbed.

Is this a good trade?

def dude, AI and Gil can shoot inside and outside the arch very good. Butler is an ok shooter and nash can just pass, johnson is just ok too.

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It probably would be determined by the amount of bench players in your league and who is good in free agency. If you were in an average league, yes I would do the trade.

Who should I start?

I wouldn't do that trade, cause they put up the scoring #'s for your team, but in fantasy NBA u need more than just players who can score a total of 70 PPG for u, u also need good FT shooters, guys who make lots of 3's, and boards and blocks leaders, and stealing and many other things, and u wanna have less TO's, and AI and Arenas pretty much get nothing but PTS and TO's, so I'd stick with the players u got, Nash shoots like 93% from FT Line and 12.5 APG, and all round u got better team with Nash, Butler and Johnson

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I might actually do that trade, although i hold NASH in the highest regard of all players involved bcus he affects more categories in fantasy as an individual.

But there's not a loser in that deal IMO.

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I traded lebron james, marcus camby, and david west for emeka okafor, lamar odom, and carlos boozer.? and arenas are really good but nash is the mvp. butler is having a breakout season...joe johnson lights it up every tempting as it sounds, i wouldnt do it

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Don't do it. You'd be giving up 3 players that make together give you consistant scoring, assists, rebounds and steals.and in return you get consistant high scoring, but moderate FG% and moderate assists with little rebounds.

If a balanced team is what you're after, don't do it.

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I would not do that trade. I would wait a little longer, see how bad the Nash shoulder injury is and if it is teribble then do it but IVerson is sharing shots with Melo and the UCONN native Caron Butler is putting up all-star numbers along with Joe Johnson. I think it is even without Nash and if he is hurt bad then do it but giving up a two time MVP in addition to an even trade is not a good move. If you keep the same league next year, maybe throw in a first or second round pick depending on how the team will finish and then make the trade but not until then.

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I would get Nash, Butler, and Johnson

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dont do it. You are losing 3 really good players. Arenas has hit a small slump in that he isn't keeping up those rediculous numbers and nash is just so valuable. Johnson is good in many ways and butler has been playing great

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Thats a tough one without seeing the standings. If you have a free agent player that you like out there, then this option becomes more attractive. I am assuming that you have enough depth on your team if you are willing to do this trade. I would try to hold onto Butler, as the Wizards have the most man games of any team after the all-star break. And he is playing out of his mind. Is there someone a notch lower than Butler that you can throw into this package?

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I wouldn't do a three for two like that one. you're essentially trading away Caron Butler for nothing. Nash was out last night so, who knows about that one. I'd try to get more in return or give a worse player than Butler, as you will probably never find a free agent as good as him. Either way you cut it you lose w/this trade.
Good luck bud.

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If you get Gilbert and AI, I would do it in a heartbeat before he pulls it off the table.

Now.. HOUSTON you have the GREEN-light.?

To be fair this should be 2 for 2 not 2 for 3. AI and Gilbert for Nash and JJ. Thats pretty even.

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