4-4 with 2 Homers, Is Dan Johnson for real?

Question:He went 4-4 today with 2 homers, a double and a single. My lineup isn't doing good and it looks like this:

C John Buck
C Paul Lo Duca
1B Albert Pujols
2B Ian Kinsler
3B Chipper Jones
SS Derek Jeter
IF Placido Polanco
IF Aaron Hill
LF Matt Holliday
CF Ichiro Suzuki
RF Jermaine Dye
OF Chris Duncan
OF Josh Hamilton
Util Adrian Gonzalez
Util Shawn Green
BN Mike Piazza DL
BN Moises Alou
BN Jim Thome

I'm thinking about picking Johnson up. I don't know a lot about baseball. Somebody please help me help my team.


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He plays first base, and you should absolutely keep Pujols in that spot as much as often. Dan had a great game, but he's not nearly as good as that game shows.

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your lineup isnt good your right its pretty amazing actually and dan johnson could help but i see no reason for it

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aaaaa...noo he's not 4-real sorry 2 get er hopes up but no...1 game means nothing pal

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yea i agree 1 awesome game means absolutely nothing

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well you could start by replacing M Piazza w/ someone else for a while

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Dan Johnson's minor league numbers are very good. He walks like crazy and after todays game he is hitting over .380. I needed walks so i dropped Ryan Church for Johnson yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised by his fabulous day. But on your lineup i would only maybe drop Chris Duncan. Hes pretty good but for some reason i dont have faith in him.

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wow thats a lot of roster spots. you need to replace buck, but i doubt theres anyone good. look for doumit in pittsburg

dan johnson, dan johnson, hmmm. im in oakland, so ive seen plenty of him. yes, he did hit 2 homers today. but look at the box score- the As scored 17 runs! you know who else hit 2 homers in that game? jack cust. and nobody else has heard of him. everyone hit a homer in KC yesterday.

with a roster that large i imagine theres slim pickins on the waiver wire so dan johnson is worth owning. is he worth starting?? maybe

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