Are Peyton and Daniel manning brothers?


Smart to have a Kicker going against your D? Or Dumb?


Outragious Draft Stratigies.?

Peyton has a brother named Elli, I am not aware of a Daniel

What is Fantasy baseball?

Peyton Manning is white
Daniel Manning and Ricky Manning Jr. are black

Eli Manning the QB for the NY Giants is the brother of Peyton

Who chould i start at wr this week lee evans/tj housh/coles??

nope, its peyton and eli.

Who is the BEST pickup?

No, Peyton has two brother and Daneil and Ricky are not... Eli is though.

Who would you rather pick up cliff lee or nate robertson?

Eli, Cooper, and peyton are brothers

When does Carmelo Anthony come back to play?

Peyton Manning =WHITE
Daniel Manning =BLACK
Ricky Manning Jr.=BLACK

If for some reason you don't believe this Peyton is on the COLTS
Daniel and Ricky are on the BEARS, you can check out their team websites at

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