Advices on this trade?

i was offerred cassell and rasheed wallace FOR my players, AK47 and L. Barbosa? is this good for my team? i am lacking points and rebounds in this league. thanks!


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I'd counter for a better offer. Kirilenko, when healthy, is a solid player and puts up solid pts, reb and blocks. Wallace is not a starter and has been struggling with his scoring lately. Also, Cassell is coming off the bench and his minutes are not as consistent and Barbosa's.

Counter or decline.

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Nope, don't do it, Barbosa is just as good offensivley as either one of the two, and Kirilenko is the best defensive player in the trade.

Is the is a good trade?

AK has had a terrible year so far. Its a tough call cuz wallace's numbers haven't been as good as Webber is actually scoring and rebounding some. Cassell is ok, but his offensive #'s aren't as good as AK's defensive #'s. I would pass on the trade as this will not help you in points as each duo has about 1000 points.

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This is a good trade for you kirilenko is having a very bad year all around and barbosa only averages about 16.0ppg cassel averages just as much with more assists and rebounds and wallace is only averaging 12.5 or sumtin but with great rebounding do it it's a good trade.

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i would say do it....i'm leading my fantasy team in rebounding scoring and think u sould do it...i think he is avg. 5 to 6 assits and some 5-6

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