Are there an serious fantasy baseball players lookin for a legue very competetive players only?

yahoo head to head league serious players only


Who should i start in week 16?

Yes, i am a very serious fantasy baseball player...and head to head leagues are my favorite.If you're looking for somebody to join your league? Then i am very interested...just send me an email is

Should I do this trade?

yes, I am down, and I know two or more of my friends from another league that are looking for a more competitive experience.

With the second pick in an NL Only 5x5 8 team league should I take Soriano, Utley or Howard? (Reyes is kept)?

i suggest you put this on ESPN CBS message board. And best is to put it on

Why Has Fantasy Baseball 2007 On Here Not Started Yet?? It Is Febuary 2nd, 2007!! I Am Dissapointed!?

Are you looking for people to join your league? If so, then send me an email, I am a pretty competitive fantasy player. my email is, and no, its not a misprint

Help me with my team!!?

I would be interested. Send me an email with the info.

This is my Team Who Should I get Rid Of?

I'm interested. Try to get the best managers possible.

Fantasy baseball trade?

not really. sorry. haha.

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