Am I allowed to report a fantasy league for wrong doing?

There's a Fantasy Baseball league miss treating me and cheating me. This is the league True Baseball Fans Leauge (ID# 245627)


Anyone want to join my new Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball league?

You should report it, but it is likely Yahoo will tell you that it is a private league and up to the commissioner.

Which 3 WR should is start this week in the title game??

How are they cheating you? This season I was in a fantasy basketball league that was crooked. There was a father and son who were making savvy deals among each other. Of course the commish was their friend and he didn't do anything. As a result they locked me out of the league since I was making such a big fuss. The best thing to do is find another league and start another team and report this league to yahoo.

Free 1 on 1 Fantasy Basketball??

there is an old saying "what you dish out, you will get back twice fold" i think we are supposed to be like the game of golf a gentleman's game "pardon the gender females" thank god that this is a fantasy because in the real world cheats get caught and receive what they deserve. i think all cheats should be barred. They destroy what humanity is supposed to be. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR DECISION!

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