Any bruce willis fans here? And why?


Should I do this trade?

Not really. He's kinda past his prime. Hmmm, let me think of other ways to say he's a little old without saying old.

He's seasoned.
He shaves his head to hide bald spots
He's over the hill and heading downward

I have 6th pick in a fantasy baseball draft, who should i pick for my first pick?

sorry, he needs to go away and die hard.

Rate My Fantasy Baseball Team!?

He's such a great man to accept the marriage and friendship of his ex wife and her new husband

Would you trade Roy Oswalt for Michael Young?


Week 17, pick 2?

He's done some good characters and roles throughout his career.

I enjoy the majority of movies that I have seen him in.

Fantasy Baseball?? What team do you think is better...?

aaa no, this is the fantasy sports section. not entertainment section. hope this helps.

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